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The scope of the Weatherization program continues to be one of assisting in the achievement of a more helpful dwelling environment and maximum energy conservation for low-income clients.

PACS Weatherization staff and PACS general contractors must use the blower door while performing infiltration and thermal measures on a home.  This ensures the client will receive the measures that will be most advantageous to them.  After the work is performed, one can be assured they have had the most positive and meaningful measures completed to their homes that will ensure they are living in a safer and more energy efficient home.  Preference is given to elderly and/or handicapped clients who are determined to be in life or health-threatening situations, the homebound, and those most in need. 

 The first priority measure PACS performs on a house, mobile home, is checking the energy systems of the dwelling.  This includes furnaces, space heaters, fireplaces water heater jackets, duct wraps and duct repairs if needed, flue repairs, safety materials and safety repairs.  At present date, of all homes completed during this contract cycle, 50% received heat systems measures.  Training concerning all heat system inspection, repair, and/or replacement is provided by the Energy Assistance Branch Training Center in Frankfort, Kentucky.  A National Energy Audit is performed on each house and a Manufactured Energy Audit is performed on each mobile home PACS serves.  These audits show the areas the Weatherization program should address while performing Weatherization services.  As the second priority, the major infiltration work is completed.  This includes repairing and/or replacing missing doors, panels, panes; missing windows and/or windowpanes; repairs to supply and return ducts; and major envelope holes.  The general heat waste priority is then repaired, blocking is installed, attic bypasses are addressed and sealed, roof repair, which is very limited by regulations, is completed.  If necessary, the walls of the dwelling are then repaired and insulated.  Floors are repaired, ground cover is installed underneath the structure, pipe wrap, and insulation is completed. 

 The Weatherization program operates all twelve (12) months of each year.  Since ARRA funding, DOE funding has decreased and the primary focus has been the completions of ARRA.  DOE projected goal was to complete 34 homes in a two month period.  PACS Weatherization program is under the guidance of Kentucky Housing Corporation and they have approved funding for our program to do multi-family units.

(More information about the scope and impact of the Weatherization Program may be found by reviewing the copy of the PACS Annual Report.)

For more information or to see if this service is available in your area, contact your local PACS CSBG office from the following list:

Caldwell County (270) 365-5097

Christian County (270) 885-4959

Crittenden County (270) 965-4763

Hopkins County         (270) 821-8114

Livingston County (270) 928-2827

Lyon County (270) 388-7812

Muhlenberg County (270) 338-5050

Todd County (270) 265-5422

Trigg County (270) 522-3265

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